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7Elle présente dès cette époque une grande mixité sociale et fonctionnelle. Ainsi, en 1930, on y trouvait 32cinémas, tandis que 47sociétés de production cinématographique s étaient implantées dans le distr

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I looked at [my husband] Jon and I said, OK, we going to jump off this cliff together and I hope that we don die.

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5Notre regard ici relève d une approche genrée soulignant les relations entre les sexes sociaux polarisés autour des figures du masculin et du féminin, perues aujourd hui par certains en pleine mutation (Guionnet, Neveu, 2005; Welzer L

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Nike+ acts as your training partner, and even gives instant feedback.

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10Walter Burkert has identified three claims concerning the quality of the link between Greek religion and the polis inherent in the model of polis religion.12 According to Burkert, the concept encompasses, firstly, self representation of the community th

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4During the Archaic and Classical periods, Greece was a conglomerate of largely autonomous city states with no overall political or administrative structure. In the sphere of religion the polis provided the major context for religious beliefs and practice

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