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Domenica mattina verrà allestita una postazione Celadrin dove 16 studenti del corso di laurea in Fisioterapia dell Università degli studi di Parma supervisionati da un tutor, saranno a disposizione degli iscritti per massaggi pre e post gara.

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Rory McIlroy, 23 anni, per 30 settimane re del golf. Reuters

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We suffered a heartbreaking loss in our first game tonight at Robertson Field. We played those guys we ALMOST had em! we lost 6 9. We were leading midway through the game but the lead got away from us.

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He has brought a different style of football, I think, from the east coast to over here, Island Coast senior running back Zelan Lambert said. It s different football over there. There s more competition.

Intended or not, the same inference occurred to everyone who heard the comment, and Gathers voiced it after the reporter left. Gathers did his impression of the reporter: It s so refreshing to find a couple of black guys who can speak English.

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Nike promises it will leave Converse well alone and, as the deal comes after a difficult time for both firms, it probably will. Nike s recent strategy of outbidding rivals to sign big name athletes to sell its shoes and apparel is not winning fans, it has

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