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Rescue workers, who trekked for hours to reach the crash site in the remote Valle del Cauca region, said bits of ripped clothing fluttered from trees for a mile across the crest of the mountain.

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With the storm raging through Southwest Florida today, it s just a matter of how much and whether the power goes out.

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It was a major gaff and a strategy unbecoming Manchester United. The fact is that there was little or no need to build a case. The majority of United fans were already convinced that Moyes role as the manager of Manchester United was untenable and the on

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Vibram five fingers and Nike free line of shoes are the basic equipments for barefoot runners that allows the runner more freedom in their pace not only in the beach or in areas with a soft composite track but also on asphalt and concrete road races. No d

Advances in fabric technology mean that when dressing for cold weather running the old school heavy cotton hoodie has been banished to the casual wardrobe and made way for lightweight, performance orientated specific winter running wear to help keep you w

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These shoes options are not all the new Nike releases that are currently out. If you do not see a Nike Basketball shoe that you want please scroll to the near bottom of the page and use the search bar located there.

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As with the Mitres above, these followed the same rules they were black, footballers wore them, but they were not leather. The fact they weren leather was a useful ruse, I would go out in the rain and kick the shit out of anything that would age them qu

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