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Forget about your classic Air Jordan sneakers from Nike, or your Kobe 7 kicks and Lebron 9 shoes (both also from Nike). Arguably the coolest pair of sneakers ever were the Converse Weapons, which could be bought about two and a half decades ago in obnoxio

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Find out what your street skating strengths are. Are you good at grinds? Flip tricks? Whatever it is, find locations where you can do tricks that emphasize your strengths.

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Since then, trainer culture has grown by epic proportions: sneaker brands, sportswear giants and high end fashion designers are in constant competition to release the most desirable trainers on the planet. Consumers, in turn, go wild for expensive and exc

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Pangilinan acknowledged that the very term business ethics is often considered an oxymoron. What s just and what s good for business can have an unfortunate

Direct Is The Way . . .

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Nalgene and Camelbak Water Bottles

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