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The day closes with a must see special demo by Nike SB athlete Paul Rodriguez, alongside other members of the Nike SB pro team on the Nike SB Skate Safari Barge, taking place at 8pm on Friday, June 21st.

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But what about older kids? The Huckleberry Finns who want to run free on the grass or on the gymnasium pavement? Are they going to ruin their feet as you grandmother believed?

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best showings in Alpine. The Speedo LZR Racer that Michael Phelps and

Quasi sempre c era un accompagnamento sonoro: capitava che fosse lo stesso gestore della sala a spiegare quanto succedeva sullo schermo, ma era più frequente l accompagnamento da parte di un pianoforte o di un fonografo.

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So far we have revealed the first two of five videos briefly looking at where our hero Andre Bishop comes from and a little bit about what it takes to be a Champion. With three more videos to come, we need your help to unlock them by sharing the fan page

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Chances are you owned a pair of Nike Air Max at some point in your life, along with all your friends and a bunch of strangers you spotted and instantly admired for having such impeccable taste. But, at a risk of sounding sycophantic, the thing about Air M

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