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Con Gymtrainer è possibile condividere con i propri clienti le lezioni ed i corsi del proprio centro create in modo semplicissimo, attraverso lo smartphone, dando la possibilità di iscriversi con un semplice touch; L utente, sempre dal suo sma

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The creation story of Michael Bradley the player has, by now, been well documented: boy prowls Princeton sidelines, grows into tireless soccer rat, and finds inspiration in the hard men his dad coaches on the Chicago Fire. (In those early years, Chicago e

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Don t you think you are as important as these? They live in abundance, so why shouldn t you??!! You have an abundantly brilliant mind and an abundantly creative spirit, both of which are waiting for you to use them abundantly. So why waste your gifts with

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conventional wisdom now is that Generation Z is fickle, harder to reach and harder to lock in. As a result, there seems to be a lot of inaction inertia on the part of companies. Gen Z is elusive. brands love to target people in their teens, despite their

This is a video tutorial in the Sports category where you are going to learn how to play defense in soccer. Playing good defense in soccer is required to keep the ball out of your own team goal. Adrian Heath, a professional soccer head coach, teaches you

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A Kindred Spirit Thoughts: Creative Mamas Monday Crochet Tutorial I crocheted this blanket while I was pregnant using multicolored soft baby yarn and a corresponding solid color for the border so easy, it s just a giant granny square! Can you say Repet

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Thanks to your selfish and egoistic ugly self, a hard working nigga wasn t able to grab me a pair!! All of dumbass kids live off your parents money and ain t got better time than spend their money instead of yours in shoes! Give it to the nigga who works

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