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Nel corrispettivo non sono compresi alcuni bonus legati ai risultati sportivi che verranno eventualmente ottenuti: Adidas diventer sponsor tecnico di tutte le squadre Juventus a fronte di un corrispettivo fisso complessivo per i sei anni di durata del ra

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The shoes release generated a flood of interest in the weather community, enough to spawn a segment on the The Weather Channel.

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I tend to imagine in Castle Style, or large, fancy Hunting Lodge Style , with rustic over sized touches. (So far, I ve imagined our Virtual Celebration Hall as kinda huge and shadowy, with comfy recliners and floor lamps scattered around in it, and a

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The success of Singles Day demonstrated how e commerce companies can manufacture consumer demand through promotion, a strategy Amazon used in July with its first Prime Day.

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J d cru qu s de sans papiers, je me suis approché et en discutant avec quelques uns, j compris qu s de sans ticket !

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But an even more dramatic change is seen by setting the upper date limit to 2008 (the latest available) instead of 2000 (as you had it, JS).

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