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Nowadays, more functional training equipment provides a more effective support for the training of elastic pace and explosive power. The outsole design of the special style of Nike Trainer 1.3 shoes continue to use the classical diamond lozenge shape desi

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Sometimes I think Larry Hughes thinks the shot clock is only 14 seconds long because it gets to 12 and he looks to get the first shot he can. Then again, he s 8 of 15 from the field has been a big factor today. Bu blog readers know that All roads lead to

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Over the years I ve realized you want a little extra room in your shoe, both width and length wise I haven t had my usual battles with plantar fasciitis since trying a wider shoe size and going up half a size. It s also important that the shoe cradles yo

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Chase, a 10th grader at Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem, still marvels over pictures of the freshest sneaker designs online and waits in line for hours to add to his collection. Only now he and his father are also getting them from fellow investors

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If you start slowly and ease into the shoe. Alternate between your old shoes and these new ones that would help to mitigate any problems you may have.

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GAUGE YOUR HEART HEALTH: STAT Framingham Heart Age (iPhone) and Heart Disease Risk Calculate (Android) use data from the Boston University Framingham Heart Study to estimate your odds of having a heart attack, stroke or heart failure within the next 10 ye

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