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Polish the shoe once all visible dirt has been removed by rinsing the toothbrush and making small circular motions all over the shoe. The more regularly you do this, the newer your shoes will look.

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One moment you re enjoying a relaxing Zen run in the park. The next, like a marionette whose strings have been cut, you re viewing the world from the ground, sniffing the dirt and hugging your leg. Now is when you wish you had switched those mall walking

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That swoosh. That s Nike, he said. Like most Cubans, he pronounces the company name with a silent e as in Mike.

Questa tecnica viene solitamente praticata in quei tratti di mari dove si riscontra la tendenza della specie ad alzarsi dal fondo per mangiare a mezz oppure, meglio ancora, provando a farla uscire dalle tane di una scogliera attirata da una sapiente pastu

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PE kit in British English sounds very convenient, while the fact that the synonymous phrase doesn exit in American English seems to be the proof that you can live without such a phrase. (If sweatsuits are more popular, it explains why the Genius English J

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