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4. Know what qualifies for the tax break.

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The result is a first of its kind boot that actually adapts to the changing demands of a football pitch, giving players optimum balance and speed.

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Nike and Reebok put out some really interesting technologies that have quite a bit of wow factor to observers in that category, said Pat O Malley, marketing director at Peabody based Saucony Inc. The consumer we re going after is more interested in an

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I remember painting and helping to open up the first store, passing out flyers door to door, making shoes all through summer vacation and getting paid with 50 one dollar bills, which then felt like more money than god, says Steve Van Doren, the brand s s

They allow you to run in the essence of barefoot, but athletes still need a careful transition from wearing shoes to the new technology, Towne said.

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In 1994, the Seattle Mariners chose the 17 year old Alex Rodriguez first overall in the baseball draft. At age 18, Alex Rodriguez became one of the youngest players ever to play in the major leagues. In 1995, Alex Rodriguez played in 48 games with the Mar

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Grady Lee Howard and I asked you to watch his eyes and hands on air, to read between his comments like a Russian. The other night with Johnson and Bittle (as he shamelessly shilled their stty book) he mentioned his 4 yr. old grand daughter who will be 36

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