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In the beginning of the article we provided information from management that implies a return to double digit growth for Nike. Our Graphs show that Nike has recovered from the low price and valuation set in February 2009. However, they also show that Nike

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During testing the Kevlar upper comes into its own and performs very well. I was impressed with its never say die attitude by handling everything I wanted to do very easily. Rope climbs for example started off with the sole grip but I found myself using t

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By now, it hardly news that Nike has some big things in store for the new year. In addition to the recent activation of Nike official Twitter and Instagram accounts, they are also launching a new inspirational campaign dubbed, Make It Count, asking you wh

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Finally, there is what they calling apps Zuckerberg describes lifestyle apps as apps that let you keep track of and express different things from your life. think that this is going to be really big, he says.

Members of the Coalition to Protect Miyashita Park from Becoming Nike Park have slept in tents in the park since March. They are trying to block the ward from renovating the park. The problem was finding the money to pay for it all. The funds couldn t com

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8) St. Augustine Pirate Treasure Museum

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Until today, when the company re signed Vick to a new endorsement deal.

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