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MARCH 02, 2006 The Finish Line reported consolidated net sales of 9.0 million for the 13 week period ended February 25, an increase of 10%. However, February sales fell below last year s as a result of the timing of key product launches. CRITICS PIC

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The pouch works very well. It doesn let the sensor shift around (a potential problem if you just stick it in a typical shoe wallet), and you can slip the sensor in and out without removing the pouch from the shoes. I also noticed that you can purchase the

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non lo so che mi dite? soffro troppo il mal di geografia?

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Molte persone cadono in errore proprio perché si affidano a test diagnostici fasulli, spesso conosciuti attraverso il passaparola. La SIAAIC ne ha messi al bando sei:

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