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Merrill Lynch equity analyst Lauren Rich Fine talks about kids and media. While other experts are up in arms about the Next Generation s disinterest in red state/blue state politics, world events and economic imbalance, Fine doesn t see what the big whoop

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For Portland, Ore., runner and businessman David Howitt, it s like running with your own personal trainer.

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Both have Youtube channels where they feature NBA players in funny skits advertising their products

lary voted into Alaska Sports Hall of Fame

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The broad absorption band at 3400 cm 1 corresponds to the stretching v(OH) mode of the free hydroxyl groups and those involved in intra and inter molecular hydrogen bonds [37]. The shape of this band is nearly the same for all of the studied samples, but

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Environmentally friendly design with large open to sky spaces, landscaped greens with water bodies and fountains, for a controlled microclimate and dust control regime.

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