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Under the new deal, Nike gets the license for uniforms and gear worn by players and coaches on the sidelines, while New Era is the onfield hat supplier, the NFL said.

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Sally Regenhard, who lost her 28 year old son, Christian, said she found it disturbing.

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More delays seen in nuke payments

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What everyone wants to know, of course, is whether or not it s real. It is. Both Peretti and Nike have confirmed that the correspondence actually took place.

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But Toyota and Sony are not building these virtual properties themselves. Second Life is not the easiest world to navigate, and experts in building Second Life properties are suddenly in great demand. There are now technology companies that specialize in

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The project aims to research the impact of ethical business strategy in retail industry. It will primarily focus on one particular aspect of the ethical business strategy, customers buying behaviour and loyalty issues. For the purpose. more

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